Brothas, sistas, partners... 

...people & businesses we’ve worked with and/or shared some good times with. If you didn’t know them already: now you definitely do. Check their websites! (just click on each image...) They deserve it.

Music is what they do... Home of the Dump Brothers (b), 

the Cowboy Angels (b), and Def Americans (nl), a.o. 

The Human, independent booking agency, rock’n’roll salesmen as they put it, supporting bands in doing what they are good at: enchanting and captivating their fellow humans.

Because life's too short to listen to bad music...

Support your local Human!

Most sympathetic bar, with the coolest drinks, and the nicest music, in the  whole of Antwerp!

And that’s saying a LOT.

Without a single doubt THE best rock’n’roll fest in Belgium; hands down. Each year is bull’s eye.

Long may they roam!

Our partners in crime for BeNeLux operations. If you go north, and you’re looking for Roots, there’s no way around Sedate. 

Simply THE most beautiful venue ‘in town’ (you just guess which town we’re talking about here.)

Home of the “Antwerp Roots Nights!!

Web design, all graphics you can think of, online a.o. communication strategies:  he’s got it all. Apart from being an all-round good eggie as well. Rock ON, Wannes!

If ever there was an international roots music convention,

it would be this one.

Annual ‘high mass’ for rockabilly ravers from all over the world, in Sussex, UK.

All year long top-notch gigs & parties for your pleasure; in 't Hofke, Gierle; the midst of de Kempen, TX.

IBest country & bluegrass festival we’ve never yet been to... Pijnacker (plein) is located in Rotterdam; so all the more reason to go there ‘asap’!

'KultFunk' is the new kid in town; a real photographic gunslinger, shooting from the hip, faster than anyone’s shadow, with an unrivalled eye for the unseen marvels that you all too often pass on by unnoticing. Expect the unexpected!  

culture centre with a genuine 'edge’…

Art & entertainment you’re REALLY  looking for!

Best roots rock’n’roll bar crawl in town –

better yet: make that the whole world.

The festival, simply going by the name of its home town ‘Peer’ as well, has done & continues to do wonders for all things roots music in our country. Established in 1985; each year an admirable balance between respect for tradition and some subtle ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

Images shown in a different light”…

The Master Blaster in R’n’R photography!

Copywriting, communication strategies, event organization, artistic programming & production:

you just make a Sound… he’s got the VISION.